Why is cashmere so luxurious?

Cashmere is the most sought-after fabric in the world. It’s been around for centuries but its popularity exploded in the 18th century when Europeans discovered this material for its exceptional 3 qualities:

  • Soft as melted butter
  • Incredibly warm, yet exceptionally breathable
  • Long-lasting, the only worthwhile investment in apparel

Soft as melted butter

Bisarno first cashmere scarf - extremely soft
If you’re like me a few years ago, you are sceptical about how much softer cashmere can be versus traditional cotton or wool. This completely changed when I was first introduced to a true 100% cashmere sweater from Inner Mongolia by my best friend. It felt so cozy, wonderful and as soft as melted butter. It was the softest thing I’ve ever worn. It was so comfortable that I was sleeping with it during these cold winters in New York. I was hooked. It made me wonder... What makes cashmere so soft and comfy?
When it comes to softness, the thinner the fiber is, the softer it is. And cashmere goats have the finest and narrowest hair. The crème de la crème cashmere fiber diameter is 14 microns, which is similar to what we use at Bisarno, while average quality is around 19 microns. This is five times thinner than human hair! Plus, this fiber is naturally holding onto itself which means it doesn’t overhang and scratch our body, this is why it feels like a second skin.

Incredibly warm, yet exceptionally breathable


Elettra wearing cashmere garments to keep her warm on a snowy day
The best cashmere is sourced from goats in the Gobi desert between China and Mongolia. This region is known for its extreme frigid winter conditions where temperatures can go as low as -47 °C (-52.6 °F). Within the same day, temperatures can change as much as 35 °C (63 °F). The goats have developed two layers of the finest hair with strong insulating properties to protect themselves from cold, wind and water. That’s what allows them to survive this harsh climate in the winter without being too hot in the summer. It’s no wonder cashmere is famously recognized to be eight times more insulating than sheep’s wool. Not only that, it’s actually much lighter than wool. Your 100% cashmere sweater is very breathable, versatile and perfectly maintains your body temperature without restricting air movement. There is nothing like it to wear all year round.

Long-lasting, the only worthwhile investment in apparel

Wan wearing the 20-year old Cashmere sweater that her mom gifted her.
After so many years, it remains extremely soft, elegant and timeless.
Cashmere garments actually get softer and cozier the more you wear them. It’s just like a good bottle of wine, it only gets better with age with appropriate care. High-quality cashmere pieces are timeless and can be worn for decades while keeping their shape due to the flexibility and strength of the fibers. Its everlasting quality makes it the only worthwhile investment in apparel  and is designed against overconsumption. The exclusive wardrobe item to pass on to your children. 

Before you try it, I have to warn you first, you’ll find it very difficult to wear anything else. Just like us, you’ll be hooked.