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Why is cashmere so luxurious?

Cashmere is the most sought-after fabric in the world. It has 3 exceptional qualities: 1) Soft as melted butter 2) Incredibly warm, yet exceptionally breathable 3) Long-lasting, the only worthwhile investment in apparel

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About us

What we believe It is possible to marry style, quality materials and low prices while preserving our planet and creating great working conditions for our manufacturers. We believe that women like us deserve a timeless collection, one we can wear for years to come without having to worry about chasing the latest trends and wasting our money on clothing that we don’t need, just to pile them in our wardrobe after (if ever) wearing them just a few times. We believe in durability and sourcing the most luxurious fabrics that lasts in order to reduce the huge volume and daily turnover of cheap, low-quality materials created by the fast fashion industry.This is why we’ve created Bisarno, to empower every woman...

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