About us

What we believe

It is possible to marry style, quality materials and low prices while preserving our planet and creating great working conditions for our manufacturers.

We believe that women like us deserve a timeless collection, one we can wear for years to come without having to worry about chasing the latest trends and wasting our money on clothing that we don’t need, just to pile them in our wardrobe after (if ever) wearing them just a few times.

We believe in durability and sourcing the most luxurious fabrics that lasts in order to reduce the huge volume and daily turnover of cheap, low-quality materials created by the fast fashion industry.

This is why we’ve created Bisarno, to empower every woman to feel beautiful and comfortable with timeless and sustainable apparel.

Our promise

Every Bisarno product meets or exceeds the quality standards of the world's most famous luxury brands at a small fraction of the price.

How we do it

We combine the world’s finest materials from Inner Mongolia with the craftsmanship and passion for style of Italy to give birth to exclusive products that hold tradition, creativity and simplicity. By working directly with our local factories and selling online, we cut the middlemen to bring you the best quality cashmere products at the most affordable price. We want all of you to experience the world’s softest, warmest and everlasting apparel.

Everything we do at Bisarno is Heart-Made by us and Heart-Felt by you. Every piece of clothing we design comes straight from our heart with the purpose to make you feel something unique, something you haven’t experienced before. We aim to WOW each of you when you try out our sweaters for the first time. Just like us, we hope that once you’ve experienced our 100% cashmere sweaters, it won’t be another piece of clothing in your wardrobe, it’ll become something you can't live without. 

Who we are  

Elettra Cianferoni, Co-Founder & CEO 

Elettra wearing the 1st Bisarno scarf
Elettra founded Bisarno to empower all women to experience the most comfortable, warmest and timeless apparel. She has been designing and selling fashion accessories since she was 13 years old in Italy.

In 2018, Wan, her best friend and now co-founder, introduced her to “real cashmere”: the world’s finest and softest material from Wan’s hometown in Inner Mongolia. Since then, Elettra has been on a mission to create simple yet beautiful pieces made of luxury materials that women can comfortably wear for the next decades.


Wan Zhao, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Born and raised in Inner Mongolia, the promised land of the finest cashmere fibers, Wan knows only too well how cashmere products have far too long been wildly marked-up and mixed with poor quality materials through all the middlemen between the herders and the consumers. 

Wan started Bisarno to reinvent that process by sourcing the most luxurious cashmere directly to make it more affordable for all women and help the world rediscover “real cashmere”. With Elettra’s inner sense for style, they both aim to revive and modernize the finest cashmere while highlighting the culture, tradition and craftsmanship of Wan’s native Mongolian origins.

Wan’s 20-year old cashmere sweater.
A gift from her mom.
As soft, elegant and as timeless as ever.